How to Structure your Film Website for Marketing

How to Structure your Film Website for Marketing

It is so easy to get carried away with a flashy website for your film, but you must remember you are building a film website to get fans to sign up to your mailing list and the media to download your assets. Truthfully the simpler your film website is, the easier Google will be also be able to find your content and rank you on the search engine.

A Film Website contains

Home Page : The < ahref=“/logline/how-write-logline-your-film">logline, an intro video and most importantly the film fan email form.
Video Page: Your intro or trailer
Synopsis: Synopsis of your film
Cast and Crew: Photo's and brief descriptions of your the best work that relates to your film
News: Press Releases of your latest news
EPK Film Kit: Images, pdf and video for use by film festivals and media outlets.

Note: please try to get a white background theme as media sometimes save pages as pdf directly from the site.
Also keep your images a bright as possible, colorful so that they stand out
Images should be landscape

  • Create a Silo category for each persona and genre

  • List of Film and Video Website Themes

    Build a Conversion Sequence

    Genre and Keywords
    Step-by-step for webmasters

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