How to Build a Website for Your Film

How to Build a Website for Your Film

Here is the step-by-step guide to build the website for your film. You can do it yourself or hand over to your webmaster who will find the process easy and clear to get your film website up and running quickly.

  1. Setup your hosting account
  2. Choose a domain name
  3. Install Wordpress
  4. Choose a theme
  5. Create the category pages for your articles
  6. Add your fan signup form
  7. Connect your social accounts
  8. Write articles and press releases

That's it! You can then Start Marketing your Film on your Website

Your film website is the foundation where you drive all traffic to grow your film audience by signing up to newsletters and updates.

How to Build your Film Website

As Wordpress would be the fastest and easiest to maintain, let's install your film website.

It's so easy, just follow the steps below:

Get Started Now

1. Select the Green Button "'get started now'"
Film website

2. Select the least expensive option, you can always upgrade account later.
how to build a film website

3. Choose a domain name for your film website, always choose a .com domain
choose a domain for my movie

4. Deselect all the additional options, you don't need them
film website package

5. Add your account details
bluehost account details

THAT'S IT! Bluehost will now email you your login details.

6. Once you are logged in, continue to 'Websites' and select 'Install Wordpress'.

install wordpress on bluehost

You now have a website for your film!

Click here to Build your Film Website

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