Film Marketing Course

Film Marketing Course

You are making a film, but only have 10 followers on your social networks, that is not enough to get an audience to view your film. In this 20-part video course I’m going to show you step-by-step how to market your film to a dedicated fanbase.

The first objective of making a film is get an audience to see your film. It could be on a VOD platform (Netflix, Cable or even your own website), so that you can get a return on the money and time you spent on your film.

The beauty is you can now directly approach your prospective audience and engage with them anywhere in the world.

We are going to work out the goal of your film, define your audience, gather resources to build a fan base and then most of all calculate the return on investment.

Included in the Film Marketing Course:

Film Marketing Plan

Film Marketing Strategies

Template Downloads:
Film Marketing Plan Template
Film Marketing Schedule
Film Marketing Budget

Film Audience

Who is your audience?
How to build your film Audience
How to Engage your Audience

Template Downloads:
Build a User Persona

EPK Film Press Kit

Film Press Pack
How to write a Press Release
Content Marketing
Film Festival Marketing

Template Downloads::
Film Press Release Template
Press Release for Film Festivals
Social Marketing Schedule

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