ScreenCraft Action & Adventure Script Contest

ScreenCraft Action & Adventure Script Contest

Are you looking for the best screenplay contests to connect you with Hollywood executives? We handpick the literary managers, agents and producers that are the right fit for our winning Action and Adventure screenwriters and foster meaningful relationships with entertainment industry executives.

The action genre is the one genre that producers and literary managers have recently requested the most, and which we have the least. So this could be one of our most successful competitions! Our jury is looking for emerging voices in the action movie genre. Whether you have a big-budget, tentpole family adventure movie, or a taut, low-budget action film, we want to read your screenplay. Professional feedback from studio-trained readers is available on all entries.

By focusing each contest on a specific genre or format, we eliminate any inherent genre bias that other major screenwriting competitions may have. We uniquely tailor the prizes, jury and readers to the specific genre or format, such as comedy, drama, horror, action, sci-fi, family-friendly, short, and TV.

First prize
$1,000 cash prize and Introduction to Hollywood producers and executives, as well as a meeting or phone call with a literary manager or agent.
WriterDuet Pro screenwriting software – lifetime license ($199 value)

Second prize
$500 cash prize and Introduction of project to Hollywood industry professionals including producers, executives, managers and agents.
WriterDuet Pro screenwriting software – lifetime license ($199 value)

Top 50 finalists
Recommendation of the top 50 loglines to our network of over 100 producers, managers, agents and executives. If your script is requested, we’ll let you know and connect you with the industry professional who is interested in your project.

Deadline: 1 April

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