Oppenheimer New Filmmaker Grant Program Seattle

Oppenheimer New Filmmaker Grant Program Seattle

The Oppenheimer Cine Rental New Filmmaker Equipment Grant Program in Seattle is a grant to support new filmmakers in producing their first serious film project. The grant awards the use of our Grant Program Arriflex 16SR2 camera package to senior and graduate thesis students and to independent filmmakers for a scheduled period of time. This specific package, which we have set aside for the grant program, should meet the needs of most 16mm projects.

Proposed projects may be of any non-commercial nature: dramatic, narrative, documentary, experimental, etc. Our expectation is that you are working from your own vision, your own creativity and not for someone else (solely for a profit motive).

The program does not support commercials, industrials, PSA's, music videos, or pornography. In order to keep the package available for the largest number of filmmakers, feature length film projects will not be considered. The length of time the equipment will be available to any one project will depend on each project and on the pressures of the program. You should plan your schedule realistically. Practically, most grant projects will be expected to use the package for one to two weeks. We have only one Arri 16SR2 camera in the program; your compliance with the program requirements assures access for the most filmmakers.

What does the grant program provide?
Arri 16SR2 camera, 2 OB batteries, charger (Note: This is a standard 16mm system)
3 - 400ft magazine
9-50mm Cooke Zoom
Set of Zeiss Primes (9.5, 12, 16, 25mm)
Follow focus
Fluid Head
Tripod set-up
Up to 15 various filters
Belt battery and charger
Sound barney
This is the complete package we have made available for the New Filmmaker Equipment Grant Program. Additional equipment may be rented at reduced rates from Oppenheimer Cine Rental. No other equipment is available through the grant program! Grant equipment cannot be taken outside of the United States.

How does the grant program work?
For your project to be considered for the Oppenheimer Cine Rental New Filmmaker Equipment Grant Program, you will need to submit a proposal. There is no form or set application packet but in order for us to assess your project you must supply the following information.

Deadline: 2 November

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