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During three days of intensive meetings with top executives, financiers, agents, managers, distributors, granting organizations and production companies, participants gain valuable exposure and build vital relationships as they propel their films towards completion. The Alfred P Sloan Foundation will award one participant of Film Independent’s Fast Track a $20,000 production grant.

A pass to the LA Film Festival
Attendance at the annual Film Independent Forum
A pass to the American Film Market
Year-round support from Film Independent

Alfred P. Sloan Producers Grant

To apply for the Sloan Fast Track Grant, a filmmaker must apply to Fast Track and provide a statement on how the project fulfills the mission of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. The applicant must be attached as producer and possess the rights to the script with which they are applying. The screenplay should have a scientific, mathematical, and/or technological theme and storyline, or have a leading character that is a scientist, engineer, or mathematician.

At this time, documentaries and science fiction projects are not eligible for the Alfred P. Sloan Fast Track Grant.

The New York based Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, founded in 1934, makes grants in science, technology and economic performance. Sloan’s program in Public Understanding of Science and Technology, directed by Doron Weber, supports books, radio, film, television, theater and new media to reach a wide, non-specialized audience.

Sloan’s Film Program encourages filmmakers to create more realistic and compelling stories about science and technology and to challenge existing stereotypes about scientists and engineers in the popular imagination. Over the past 15 years, Sloan has partnered with some of the top film schools in the country–including AFI, Carnegie Mellon, Columbia, NYU, UCLA and USC–and established annual awards in screenwriting and film production, along with an annual best-of-the best Student Grand Jury Prize administered by the Tribeca Film Institute. The Foundation also supports screenplay development programs with the Sundance Institute, Tribeca Film Institute, the San Francisco Film Society, the Black List and Film Independent’s Producing Lab and Fast Track program and has helped develop such film projects as Morten Tyldum’s The Imitation Game, Mathew Brown ‘s The Man Who Knew Infinity, Michael Almereyda’s Experimenter, Rob Meyer’s A Birder’s Guide to Everything, Musa Syeed’s Valley of Saints and Andrew Bujalski’s Computer Chess.
Who Can Apply?

Fast Track is open to any directing and producing team attached to a full-length narrative or documentary film. Narrative films must be in the development or pre-production stage at the time of application, while documentaries may be in principal photography or post-production. The program is open to experienced and first-time filmmakers, so long as their projects are actively seeking financing. Writers seeking script sales or representation, or working without a directing/producing team will not be considered. At this time, short film and television projects are not eligible to apply.
How to Apply:

Applicants must submit the following materials for consideration:


You always need a Film Business Plan to get funding from investors.

A cover letter explaining your interest in Fast Track
One complete, feature-length screenplay or detailed documentary proposal
A logline and synopsis
Bios of the director, producer and other attached key cast and crew
Project status and history
A detailed finance plan (a budget is recommended but not required)
A narrative director’s prior work sample, or a rough-cut/clip reel for documentary works-in-progress (via DVD* or online link)
A non-refundable application fee of $45 for Film Independent Members; $65 for non-Members

* Please note that materials submitted on DVD will not be returned.

Selection Criteria

Film Independent is looking for talented filmmakers and determined producers with feature-length, narrative film or documentary projects that are compelling, original, and demonstrate a unique vision. Projects need not have full or partial financing in place at the time of application; however, it is vital that each application demonstrate serious attention to the film’s budget from the creative team as a whole, and that applicants be able to articulate the reasoning behind their budget level.
The Fine Print

Beyond the application fee, there is no cost or tuition to participate in any of Film Independent’s Artist Development programs.

Film Independent membership is not required when applying to Artist Development Labs; however, all participants accepted into the labs are required to join Film Independent at the standard annual membership rate of $95.

Those applicants who are invited to participate in the program should plan to be in Los Angeles for the duration of the program. Film Independent is unable to subsidize any travel, lodging and/or visa expenses for any participants attending from outside of Los Angeles. Participants are expected to attend all sessions in person.

For more information, please email:

Grant Deadline: 11 June

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