The Film Fund

The Film Fund

Get up to $10,000 to produce your independent short film by writing one sentence. We've given away over $21,000 to filmmakers to make their shorts. All based on one sentence.

Why? Our founder, Thomas Verdi, struggled to fund his indie film projects when he first started out. He entered contests and submitted to grants, but he quickly learned that established writers and filmmakers dominated most contests and funding opportunities.


You always need a Film Business Plan to get funding from investors.

The Film Fund was born out of this frustration with the industry. Contests, grants, and crowdfunding campaigns are great, but there's a simpler to way to fund a film.

We're providing funding up to $10,000 per project for short films in a way that's a lot simpler than screenwriting contests, crowdfunding, or applying to grants, because we're sick of seeing these funding avenues dominated by industry experts.

Deadline: 5 May

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