The Alter-Ciné Foundation

The Alter-Ciné Foundation

The Alter-Ciné Foundation offers $10,000 to filmmakers born and living in Africa, Asia or Latin America with a documentary project in your native language that fits in with the aims of the Foundation. The Foundation offers a yearly grant to young film and video makers from Africa, Asia and Latin America to direct a documentary film on the theme of rights and freedoms, including social and economic rights, women’s rights, the right to culture and artistic creation.

Foundation will award a grant of 10,000 Canadian dollars to a video or filmmaker to assist in the production of a documentary project. The grant is aimed at young video and filmmakers born and living in Africa, Asia or Latin America who want to direct a film in the language of their choice that respects the aims of the Foundation, as explained above. To apply, the video/filmmaker must:

1) complete the Application Form in French, English or Spanish;

2) include a synopsis in French, English, or Spanish (max. 5 pages) that describes the content, characters, situations, theme as well as the treatment and style of the project;

3) send a VHS cassette, a DVD or a Vimeo link of a completed documentary work. If possible the cassette should be sub-titled or versioned in French, English or Spanish. If the work does not exist in any of these three languages, please send a written transcript of the dialogue and narration in one of the three languages.


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4) include a production budget for the documentary, as well as a financing plan which includes the Foundation grant and other sources of proposed or assured financing;

5) present two support letters from partners, NGOs, groups or associations supporting the project

Applications must be sent post paid to the Alter-Ciné Foundation (see the section Contact us). Only applications received by August 15 of each year (with postal seal) will be accepted. Candidates will be advised of the decisions of the Selection Committee before December 31 of each year.

The grant will be divided in two parts:

1) the first payment of 6,000 Canadian dollars after the project is selected.
2) the final payment of 4,000 Canadian dollars on reception of a Betacam and a DVD copy of the completed documentary.

Grant Deadline: 14 August

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