Free Film Proposal Template

You have this burning story to tell, so let’s make it into a movie. First what you need is to put the idea into a film proposal format that you can present for funding. Let’s begin ..


What is the Name of your Film?


Tell your story in 30 seconds, it's also called an elevator pitch. A short Logline is what you say when a possible funder or investor asks you what is your film about?


The synopsis is 1 paragraph of telling the story without giving away the ending. Keep the reader wanting more. Click here to view examples


Give a detailed description of each of your characters, their age and how the fit into the story. Hero, protagonist, etc


How many locations do you have in your story? Keep in mind the more places you shoot the more expensive your film becomes.


How many pages do you have in your script? Industry standard is 1 page per minute of your film.


Depending on your budget you can work out department expenses as follows: Production : 20% Camera: 30% Etc


There are several ways to raise funding ie from your friends and family, film grants, product placement, tax rebates and of course pre sales to distribution.


David from London

The Film Projections package is very useful and unique, especially useful was the dates for distribution chart and especially the chart which indicated end profits after distribution for investors. We recently gave a finished plan using your template to seasoned financiers and they were so impressed that two of them are looking seriously to totally finance our movie for $100 Million! Well done for such a well rounded template. David Film Director and Producer from London

Alex from Washington DC

As a new filmmaker I have to say there is a lot of valuable information in the Film Business Plan. I am eager to put to use as we continue on our journey. I shared with our DP and he thought it was fantastic. Alex Photographer from Washington DC

James from London

As a creative producer, I’ve always struggled to get the business proposal correct for the money folk. Your guide has simplified that task for me, and I will use as a template for all my film projects going forward. James Creative Director / Producer from London