Film Revenue Projections

Film Revenue Projections

Convince your investors with a comprehensive film revenue projections package that will estimate what income your film can generate, all the details film investors would expect before investing in a film.

Convince Investors with a Return on Investment

Includes the film proposal, film business plan, film revenue projections and comparative research.

What are Film Revenue Projections?

Your download will include all the files to easily put together the film revenue predictions

With the Film Revenue Projections template you can predict how much your film is going to make by researching comparable films (similar in budget, genre and distribution pattern) from the Box Office (theatrical, DVD, broadcast and VOD) figures to estimate a high, low estimated income for your film.

What is included in a Film Revenue Package?

Film Revenue Projections

Film Revenue Projections

  1. Extensive Film Revenue Projections

  2. This Excel sheet auto calculates your Domestic Income, Foreign Income, Low- and High Calculations and Investor Return.

  3. 1000 Narrative Film Box Office Figures

  4. 70 Documentary Box Office Figures

  5. Data includes Year, Genre, Budget, Domestic Income, International Income, DVD, Blu Ray, Production Company, Distributor and Release Pattern.

  6. Highest grossing income by Genre

  7. Data includes minimum, average and maximum budget for Domestic and International Audiences.

    Distribution Contracts and Agreements

    Film Distribution Contracts

  8. Distribution Agreement (Feature Film)

  9. Extensive 22-Page Distribution Agreement for Feature Films

  10. Distribution Agreement (Foreign)

  11. Film Distribution Agreement in foreign territories

  12. Distribution Agreement (Internet)

  13. 5-Page Contract with filmmakers for showing their film on your website

  14. Distribution Agreement (Not for Profit)

  15. Contract with broadcaster on a not for profit basis

  16. Exhibition Agreement (Cinema)

  17. Exhibition Agreement in Cinemas

  18. Film Distribution Agreement (Abbreviated)

  19. 5-Page Distribution Agreement for Feature and Short Films

  20. International Sales Agents Directory

  21. 28-Page Directory of International Film Sales Agents with which genre they concentrate on, contact person, telephone, email and website address.

  22. International Market Statistics

  23. Theatrical Box Office statistics by country, attendance, ticket sales, demographics and technology.

Downlad the complete Film Revenue Projection for your film to prove why your film is worthy of investment and return a profit.

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James from London

As a creative producer, I’ve always struggled to get the business proposal correct for the money folk. Your guide has simplified that task for me, and I will use as a template for all my film projects going forward. James Creative Director / Producer from London

Lean from New York City

I am so pleased with the Film Business Plan. It took the guess work out of this aspect of producing a film. I found all of the material easy to understand, at the same time gave the paper work a professional quality to it. I originally went to the site to research grants, but found that you offered so much more. Lean Actor, Writer, Producer from New York City

Matthew from Los Angeles

Your film proposal was extremely helpful, it gave me the skeleton I needed to move forward and conceptualize my film idea. Thanks so much! For a young filmmaker like myself, tools like this are invaluable! Matthew Actor, Director from Los Angeles