Learn how to Sell and Distribute your Film

Learn how to Sell and Distribute your Film

The key to building a career in show business is the ability to consistently get projects funded and then make money back for your investors. In this online film course, the Indie Film Academy talks with 10 experts in film distribution about what you can do to make sure your film sells.

Now more than ever the opportunity to become a full-time filmmaker is within reach for those who are willing to take a few risks.

Experts in the Film Distribution Course include:

Jason Brubaker of Filmmaking Stuff
Scott McMahon of Film Trooper
Alex Ferrari of Indie Film Hustle
Mia Bruno of Seed & Spark
Chris Holland of Film Festival Secrets
Linda Nelson of Indie Rights
Ron Newcomb of The Forge Studios
Jerome Courshon of Secrets to Distribution
Ben Yennie of The Guerrila Rep

Film Distribution Topics

How to make sure your film will sell before you make it

They key documents distributors need

What you need to do in post production to have all deliverables

What is the best option for your film's launch

How to distribute your own film

A simple hack to get thousands of fans quickly

How to get on Rotten Tomatoes

Why Netflix should be your last stop

What are the requirements?

Basic Understanding of Filmmaking
You will need a general understanding of how films are made, from screenwriting through to post production.
A basic understanding of platforms such as Netflix, Hulu and iTunes
General understanding of Independent Film

What am I going to get from this film distribution course?

Understand the things they need to do before they start their film so that they will be able to make a distribution deal.
Get an idea of the key documents and video files they will need to give to distribution companies.
Understand the fastest and most effective way for building a fan base.
Learn the best launch sequence for a film from Film Festivals to Theatrical to VOD Release.

Learn how to Sell and Distribute your Film here

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List of Upcoming Film Markets

List of Upcoming Film Markets

The following list of Film Markets around the world is your opportunity to pitch your film and make deals with development executives and distributors.

Film Sales Agents List

Film Sales Agents List

List of 90 top film sales agents that specialize in independent documentary, short and feature films. The international sales agent directory includes contact names, phone numbers and email addresses.

Film Distribution Agreement

Film Distribution Agreement

5-Page Distribution Agreement for Feature and Short Films Template. An example you can use for your contracts

Structure Your Film as Business

Get Investors with a Professional Film Business Plan

Film Business Plan Template

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