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What is Film Finance?

In the United States, the value is typically based on a forecast of revenues (generally 10 years for films and 20 years for television shows), beginning with theatrical release, and including DVD sales, and release to cable broadcast television networks both domestic and international and infligh

How to write a good documentary treatment

To develop films, filmmakers use treatments, proposals or even outlines to describe and help plan a project. There is a lot of overlap between these concepts and different filmmakers use them in similar and often interchangeable ways.

Packaging and Funding Documentaries

Get funding before you start. It's fine to start pre-production without funding, so put together your sizzle reel, see how your subjects present themselves on camera and capture material needed for your film.

How to apply for a film grant

Funders look at hundreds of film applications every round, so any application you make should be as detailed and as striking as possible. The success of your application will probably depend upon what elements you have in place e.g.

The Art of the Distribution Deal

Making a film is as difficult as getting it distributed. Due to substantial expense and time associated with distributing a film, a distributor has to feel confident that they can make a return on their financial investment.

Documentary Fund Proposal Checklist

The film proposal and business plan acquaints the reader to the subject, advising why the topic is interesting and why such a film is needed now. Explain any contemporary social or global relevance for the topic.

Free Film Proposal Template

You have this burning story to tell, so let's make it into a movie. First what you need is to put the idea into a film proposal format that you can present for funding. Let's begin ..


What is the Name of your Film?

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