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10 Tips To Keep Your Film Legal

10 Tips To Keep Your Film Legal

1. All music, even a short riff, must be cleared unless it is royalty-free music. Most royalty-free music has a license you should read carefully to understand how you can use it and for how long. Keep a copy of this license with the permanent video files.

10 ways to confidently pitch your film to investors

Are you ready to walk 'into the room' and pitch to a decision-maker such as an agent, financier, producer, distributor or studio executive? Here are the top ten pitching tips to help you in a high-stakes situation. There are 5 Do's and 5 Don'ts:

The Basics of Making a Short Film

This brief guide will show you the basics of film-making in 10 steps so you can turn your idea into a short film. The story is at the heart of this competition. If you have an idea of a story you'd like to tell, then you have all the credentials to make a film.

Why Make a Short Film?

Making a short film is largely a labour of love, so it's always worth clarifying why you are embarking on such madness and adventure. Before you start let's decide on the reasons to make a short film, where is this film going to be shown and where to find the money.

What Makes a Good Short?

There are no hard and fast rules as to what makes a good short; as with features, different audiences love different films and an award-winner in one viewer's eyes will be a dull cliché in another's.

How to Make a Short Film

It's easier than ever to make a film, new technologies have brought costs down, while the internet's made it possible to collaborate with like-minded filmmakers to develop your film.

How Film Distribution Works

Just how do those movies get from the motion picture studio to the theater? Find out the difference between negotiating and bidding, and finally understand why movie popcorn is so expensive!

Here's the path a film usually takes to get to your local theater:

How to write a good proposal for funding

This document is intended as a brief outline of what makes a good proposal. There is no single way to do it and the most important questions you need to answer are: What is this film about? Why am I going to make it?


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